Rate Tolerance

Have you ever encountered a web content provider who asks what your budget is before supplying their costs? They are gauging your Rate tolerance.

We use AI to keep our costs at a minimum, and so do all the other content providers. You could use it yourself. Simply create an account with OpenAI and start asking questions. The difference between us and them is, first, we admit it. Second, we edit the content because, sometimes, AI answers are a little weird. Third, we understand how SEO works and ensure the content is fully optimized before making it public.

Gauging your rate tolerance is a very old, and effective, sales tactic. We at Bridgeman Engineering are not sales people. In fact, we would have a lot more money if we were. If a company or individual does not offer their rates up front, they are trying to guess what you are willing to pay.

Once they believe they understand your maximum rate tolerance, they will give you a price just above that number. This allows you to negotiate it down and feel as if you are in control of the process. Among all the tried and true sales methods, this one is the most effective because it gives you a sense of power.

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