Our Team

Our team is dedicated to the integrity, performance, and search ranking of your site. We eat, breathe, and sweat website search engine optimization.

(We wrote each other’s Our Team bios)

Erika has over 15 years of experience designing, testing, and building database driven websites. She has an unhealthy love for databases, data integrity, and overall system performance. From design, to implementation, to maintenance, if you left her alone with a web server, she’d forget to eat, or go home.


Erika enjoys books. She doesn’t just read them, she’s writing one. She’s working on a Middle Grade chapter book right now.

E.H. HaraldsdóttirErika Haraldsdóttir
Founding Partner and Senior Software Engineer

Adrian has over thirty-three years of experience with scalable software development and server administration. Linux or Windows, he is quite comfortable doing very dangerous thing to keep them secure, fast, and obedient. Although he is quite old, he has managed to keep current with modern technology. His primary focus is computer systems automation. He obsesses over making machines do his bidding, possibly to the eventual detriment of all humankind.


Adrian published a book. It is a weird science fiction book mixed with his obsession, Norse mythology. Not only is he an avid book reader and reviewer. He is always writing. Always.

A.M. LeishmanAdrian Leishman
Founding Partner, Project Manager, Business Analyst
Our Team is obsessed with data, dartabases, and performance.
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