Custom Website

Custom Website

Overwhelmed or simply have no desire to spend days building a custom website for your business or brand? Bridgeman Engineering can help, a lot.

Utilizing the robust and versatile website platform provided by WordPress, we can create a fully search engine optimized (SEO) site in less than two days. If you have images or branding icons, we will use those. If not, we can find appropriate royalty-free images for you.

What we require
  • You must provide a Linux web host that supports, or allows us to add, a WordPress installation. This host must provide a MySQL or MariaDB database server (most do).
  • A domain name (website name) should already be in place.
  • We will need access to your hosting platform to perform the initial installation of your custom website. If you prefer, you can install WordPress and we can do the configuration from the WordPress dashboard.

If you need a host or a lot of help with this, please consider our fully hosted package

What we provide
  • Three search engine optimized pages. These normally include a Landing/Home page, an About Us/Me, and a Contact page. Feel free to specify different pages if you like.
  • Supplied or sourced images on every page.
  • Links to internal pages.
  • Links to external pages (search engines like these).
  • Tagged and categorized content, with SEO tags and categories.
  • We will install and configure a host of useful WordPress Plugins.
  • We will build this site without charging you money until you are satisfied.

Bridgeman Engineering reserves the right to refuse to build any custom website for any reason, without explanation. We may cancel a site build if we feel you will never be satisfied, or we have spent more than a week trying to make you happy.

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