WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

Let us build your marketable idea via our WordPress Plugin Development program, free of charge. Please be aware, there are thousands of free and paid WordPress Plugins available for your site, so the chances of you not finding one to fit your needs are fairly low. If you do come up with a unique, and marketable plugin, we will be happy to develop it.

After the project is complete, we will make it available for purchase to the general public. Your name will be added to the contributor list, and we will give you a small percentage of the sales for as long as the plugin is available. Since most WordPress Plugins are free, or have a less powerful free version, sales will not make you a wealthy person.

We have strict guidelines for plugin development.

  • It must be database driven. Almost everything is, so this will not be an issue.
  • A specific need should be addressed by this plugin.
  • We will not develop a plugin that already exists from another creator, unless it is an abandoned project.
  • The more complicated your idea is, the more interest we will have in developing it.
  • This plugin must not impact the performance of a website.
  • There are more rules, and we will add even more as time goes by.

We reserve the right to refuse any project for any reason, and reserve the right not to elaborate on our reasoning.

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